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The Hook Restaurant Review

The Hook Nashville is unlike any other restaurant for one particular reason, fresh, creative seafood in the beautiful landlocked state of Tennessee. Yes, we have water, but the Hook will have you thinking you’re eating coastal.

During our visit, we met Chef V, who created the menu from scratch, and he handpicked items for us to try. We started with the Tuna Poke, with fresh tuna, sesame soy, ginger, scallions and served with perfectly fried wonton chips. Now, I had only had completely raw fish a few times, possibly even by accident, and I would never think to actually order it, until now. The tuna was good quality, tender and carefully infused with flavor.

Next, we had what turned out to be my favorite, the habanera shrimp tacos. I love shrimp tacos, and this took things to a whole new level. Seasoned, grilled shrimp, corn salsa, habanero-strawberries, cilantro, cream cheese; these tacos are original to the Hook. They were sweet, spicy and so fresh tasting. Plus, the perfect summery dish for our June visit. I would absolutely drive 45 minutes for these tacos.

Ok, the other entrée we tried, I was a bit skeptical of, only because it was topped with chargrilled octopus. I guess I can credit my confused thoughts on octopus to not living close to the ocean, so I had to let John taste that on camera, as you saw in the video, in fear of my reaction, and boy to I regret that. This is my first time with octopus and I was blown away. If my eyes were closed, or even open and I wasn’t told what we were eating, I would believe I ate perfectly seasoned, grilled chicken. It was tender and had the essence of a great griller at your backyard barbeque and I would eat it again it a heartbeat.

On to the drinks, we had a lemon basil vodka smash and a frozen whiskey sour, which was like a grown-up slushie. The lemon basil drink was as fresh as picking basil and lemons straight from the branches and mixed, muddled and spiked to perfection. Now, I am a whiskey drinker, and I even liked the fruity, frozen spin on a whiskey sour. It was a bit sweeter than a typical whiskey sour, but that did counter the bite of the booze. This is a perfect drink for a whiskey lover to sip on their brand new, huge covered patio on a warm summer night. OK, I’m going to get another now.

The Hook Nashville
2222 8th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 840-7144

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