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Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works
“Finely Tuned Craft Beer”, brewed in Nashville, TN
809 Ewing Street,
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 200-8786
Price : $4.00 to $12.00

Tennessee Brew Works will officially arrive in Nashville this summer.  Our adjacent tasting room, a.k.a. the Tennessee TapRoom, is slated to open in late July. Construction of our brew house and taproom is underway at 809 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203.  Check back here or on FacebookTwitter or subscribe to our Newsletter for updates. We’re looking forward to serving you “Finely Tuned Craft Beer” very soon!


Tennessee Brew Works will be one of the first, or likely the first, brewer to utilize the Meura Micro Mash Filter. While the mash filter is made in Belgium, Aegir Brewing System manufactures the brewhouse in the US with high quality Centec components, Kieselmann valves and components, and Keofitt sampling equipment.

While most beer in the United States is produced on traditional lauter tuns, 25% of the global beer volume is produced using Meura equipment. 90% of the beer volume produced in Belgium is produced with Meura technology.

The Tennessee Brew Works 25 barrel brewhouse has a higher level of automation than is customary for a brew house this size, the ability to save on energy and raw materials, and an output that can grow with the brewery.  All features normally found in much larger systems.

We certainly understand that the brewing process is resource intensive, but our brew system mayuse up to 50% less water, 20% less raw materials, and 20% less energy than a traditional lauter tun system.

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