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Sinema Restaurant Review

Entering the Gatsby-era wallpaper-covered fine-dining restaurant, Sinema brought us all back to almost 100 years ago. We were able to get special access before they were open to check it out for ourselves. Each table was set with a sparkling wine and drinking glass, a cloth napkin and shiny silverware. The kitchen and dessert areas are an open concept, so you’re able to watch the master chefs and pastry chef in action from most tables inside.

Sinema is quite popular, so in lieu of a wait, transcend the staircase that follows the curvature of the wall, and step into the lounge. The lounge features a full bar and upscale, comfortable seating while you wait with a specially crafted cocktail.

We watched the executive chef prepare some of the most eye-pleasing and mouth-watering dishes we have seen. He started us with an appetizer called Pulpo Verde. Fun Fact: Pulpo means octopus in Spanish. This dish featured salsa Verde-braised octopus Carpaccio, pickled charred corn and homemade tortilla chips. I am not a picky eater, but I was iffy about the octopus. It blew me away, I loved it. The dish was a perfect size for an appetizer and flawlessly plated.

Next, we were served the Cobia with eggplant hummus, bell pepper, zucchini, and macadamia basil pesto, and basil chips on top. I have never tasted Cobia, and typically I would order steak at a place like this, but the first bite of this freshly cooked fish with the most delicate crunch on the outside and soft, flavorful texture changed my whole thinking of fish. Again, the presentation of the plate was a masterpiece in itself, but the pairing of flavors took my words away completely. All I could come up with is “wow.”

Lastly, we were served the Peachy Keen dessert from Sinema’s own pastry chef, which is a peach curd, honey cake, pepper crumble, honeycomb, blackberries, peaches and almond dish. I have never tasted anything to compare this to; the honey cake was the most quintessential rectangle of pillowy and airy delicious I have ever had. The fruit was fresh, the peach curd was tangy and the peach cream balanced that with a soft sweetness. The blackberries added both striking divergent color and a pop of a new flavor. And of course, the presentation, once again, flawless.

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