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Plans for an asphalt plant move forward near Old Hickory Lake

Metro Public Health officials have approved an air quality permit to operate the asphalt plant on the same site as a local rock quarry.

Industrial Land Developers LLC applied for the permit back in December. While their request was through Metro-Nashville, officials in Hendersonville opposed the plant.

City Aldermen unanimously passed a resolution in opposition, citing pollutants, and the possible smell the plant would emanate.

In an email sent to Hendersonville city leaders, Metro Public Health officials noted that the developers had complied with all necessary requirements.

Those wishing to express their opinion on the proposed concrete plant, will have a 30-day public comment period starting April 15th.The department has also received another permit application, for a concrete plant on the same property.

News 2 reached to learn what’s next for the proposed asphalt plant, but have not heard back from Industrial Land Developers LLC.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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