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Going In Style Movie Review

Going In Style


Highlights: The casting is great, the comedy is charming, and the characters actually break out from being one dimensional.

Low Points: The comedy lulls at times and there is one totally ridiculous moment in the movie where it plays out way differently just because it is a movie.


Characters: What a cast. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin are all excellent. These three play off each other really well, and their charm caries the movie when the comedy slows in places. Comedies are popular for lacking in story and character development, but they are allowed to do so if they are funny enough. However, this movie has a great deal of laughs and also has three well developed characters. The screen writer made sure each character got just enough time for the audience to feel a connection to them. With the characters being better developed than normal and better balanced than normal, they earn high marks.

Grade: A-


Plot: Similar to the characters, the plot in a comedy is allowed to be zero if the laughs are abundant. This movie had a good deal of laughs and had a much better plot than most comedies. The logical leaps the characters make and what they do is all earned by the writing and everything lands within the suspension of disbelief given to a movie. The plot wasn’t on the level of “Inception” by any means, but it is impressive for a comedy.

Grade: B-


Vulgarity: There is a surprising amount of cursing here but only because it would go so long without cursing. Furthermore, it didn’t go for the tame cuss words but instead strolled right to the heavy part of the cursing aisle. There was zero nudity as can be expected with a non R rated movie.


Review: Going In Style takes three stellar actors, well written jokes, and a decent plot to make a great comedy that doesn’t demand a theater viewing but certainly is the best option after two back to back weekends of weak releases.

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