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artisan pizza from Slim and Husky's
The delicious Red Light Special artisan pizza.

Dat Pizza Dough – Review of Slim and Husky’s

The first thing I heard as I walked into the newest restaurant in North Nashville, was “Slim or Husky?”  I said, “Husky” thinking that they were asking me what section I should be sitting in.  Slim & Husky’s is a reference to the three owners growing up and is also the reference to small or large.

logo on exterior of building
Slim and Husky’s exterior logo.

As you approach the building, the smell of freshly baked pizza smacks you in the face and floods your nostrils with a wonderful aroma.  Slim & Husky’s is all about local beer and pizza.  It has a nice 90’s vibe with music to match the mood, quotes on the wall, and lots of large windows to bring in plenty of natural light.  Inside is a nice mix of blacks, whites, and wood with some brick accents.

decorations on wall of cook area
Love the functional and artistic decoration.

Ordering your pie is as simple as walking up to the counter, picking your pizza size, topping it and getting your drink and seat while you wait for your pizza to cook.  The pizza dough was being made fresh and all the ingredients looked that fresh as well.  There is an assortment of signature flavors available or you can build you own artisan pizza.

artisan pizza from Slim and Husky's
The delicious Red Light Special artisan pizza.

Whenever I try a new place, I like to start with the classics and create a baseline before I get too funky and crazy with the menu.  So, I started my journey with the Red Light Special.  It’s their version of a Margarita pizza.The layered toppings of a spicy red sauce, fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomato blend and fresh basil.  I did step a little out of the box of conformity by adding roasted garlic.

pizzas entering the pizza oven
Delicious variety of pizzas before hitting the oven.

Outside of my personal pizza choice, I would love to have tried the California Love.  This 2pac pizza throwback has spinach basil pesto, S+H House cheese blend, artichoke, sliced tomato blend, and red onion.  And don’t forget to pick your drizzle from a choice 6 great flavors.

interior shot of the restaurant
Interior shot of Slim and Husky’s.

They even have adult slushies on the menu and what looks like a pretty nice patio area for when the weather gets nicer.  Another feature that caught my eye was the beer list.  The taps had a nice assortment of local breweries.

colorful bathroom door
Love the fun 90’s vibe here.

I really like pizza and this pizza is really good.  That sauce is fantastic.  I like the fact that they are all about community.  They use locally sourced ingredients, locally brewed beer, and are working to build something great there.  It makes me feel good that I am not just getting some good pizza, but am also helping them build their vision.  Go check them out, eat some good pizza and feel good doing it!

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