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Collier and McKeel

Collier and McKeel

Collier and McKeel
1200 Clinton Street
Nashville, TN 37212
Price : $19.00 to $50.00

The story of our whiskey goes back 200 years when our family first came to Tennessee. Willliam Collier and James Mckeel came in the 1790’s, after the Whiskey Rebellion. President Washington sent troops to Pennsylvania to put down an uprising of whiskey makers who refused to pay a new federal tax. Distillers in every state were afraid the same the same thing would happen to them, and they moved west. Collier and McKeel came to Tennessee from Virginia and North Carolina and along with many others , brought the tradition of making handcrafted sour mash whiskey they learned from their Scottish and Irish ancestors.

They settled along the creeks of Middle Tennessee. The land was rich for planting crops and the water was filtered through ancient limestone and perfect for making whiskey. And after all, whiskey was important and about their only currency. It was far easier to get a few barrels of whiskey to town than many wagons of corn.

In honor of Collier and McKeel, and all those that brought distilling to Tennessee, we have named our whiskey for them. Using a traditional sour mash recipe, water from the Middle Tennessee limestone aquife and our hand-hammered copper pot still we are resurrecting the craft of making small batch Tennessee Whiskey. We mellow our whiskey through sugar maple charcoal, a process unique to Tennessee Whiskey, to give it the smooth character that the state’s whiskey is known for and we age it in unique small barrels to create a rich flavor that we are sure you will enjoy.

Currently there are no tours at Collier and McKeel. Their products are:

Tennessee Whiskey

True Tennessee Whiskey is special. It’s not just whiskey made in Tennessee. And it’s not Bourbon Whiskey. It’s more.

White Dog

White dog is the traditional name for whiskey right after it comes out of the still but before it is barreled and aged at all. Of course there are other names for it, White Lighting, Moonshine or just plain “Corn Likker”.

Fiery Gizzard

As a Tennessee Legend tells it, while camping in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, Davy Crockett burned his mouth on a hot turkey gizzard that he had just cooked. He threw his supper in the nearby creek and named it the Big Fiery Gizzard Creek as it’s been called ever since.

Snowy Creek Vodka

Our Master Distiller’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather was born on the banks of the Snow Creek when Tennessee had been a State for just a few years. Andrew Jackson was a judge, Davy Crockett was living in the wilderness and there was no further West you could go and still be in the United States.

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